Choosing a Kiosk – Step 1: Establish the Function

The first step in choosing a kiosk, booth or shelter is to determine the exact purpose for the structure.

When considering a design, start by listing the functions that your staff must perform and the purpose for having the kiosk. An attendant might be welcoming the public, providing information, selling tickets, accepting payments, controlling access, directing traffic, safeguarding property, or any combination. Consider all the people that will be using the building, including your customers.

Functionality can also be affected by the requirements of various stakeholders within your organization. For example: Security (protection of people and property); Marketing (corporate image and branding); HR (employee welfare).

If you are not sure about what features to include in your kiosk, ask your builder. An experienced builder can help you determine the best design options for your project.

Your building needs are the foundation. Make sure to get this clear and get any necessary reviews or approvals.  Knowing this will speed up the process and help the building planner with the design process.

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