Choosing a Kiosk – Step 3: Ergonomics and Comfort

A content employee is generally a productive one, and for many reasons, it is prudent to consider workplace ergonomics in the design process as step #3.

Everything from the chair and counter to transaction window heights and reach should be evaluated to best suit the individuals who will be using the building. A raised stool and high counter may call for a built-in adjustable foot rest. If attendants are required to stand, they would be happy to have a well-positioned hip pad or elbow rest. Even the proper positioning of the kiosk on its island (and the island on the lot) can aid in reducing awkward reaching, repetitive strain and potential discomfort that may occur.

Often, kiosks are located a lengthy distance from the main buildings. If space and services are available and the budget permits, a washroom is integral to minimal service disruption at the kiosk.

At night, your attendant may feel more comfortable and secure having the ability to reduce interior glare by turning off the kiosk lights and working with a built-in dimmable task light. This reduces reflection and provides a clearer view of the darkened surroundings.

Remember, a happy employee is usually a productive one.

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