Choosing a Kiosk – Step 4: Consider Aesthetics in the Design Process

To create a great first impression, a kiosk must make a positive visual statement. Just like front line staff, your kiosk should also be “dressed for success” to meet and greet your clients and the public. Step #4 highlights want you need to consider to put your best foot forward.

Many standardized product components can be applied to today’s kiosks to greatly enhance the appearance. Simple options such as exterior cladding panels, colored frame coating, custom roof designs, parapets, stone/stucco finishes, spandrel and tinted glass treatments are available. The choice of finishes is almost endless.

As a part of the evaluation process to finalize the design and create cost estimates, your kiosk manufacturer should ideally conduct a site assessment to identify elements that can impact the design, including structural. For example increased roof loading due to drifting snow from an adjacent hi-rise can affect building requirements. Your builder should also be checking for architectural features and finishes that could be integrated to blend with the environment. The kiosk supplier can provide you with a no- or low-cost colored 3D rendering, illustrating the anticipated appearance of your kiosk in its proposed setting.

At this stage, you have an opportunity to adjust the design to suit your preferences. So put the same thought into its visual appearance as you would the rest of your property.

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