Choosing a Kiosk – Step 5: Selecting Your Manufacturer

Pre-qualify a supplier based on their prior experiences, reputation, and any references they might have. This gives you the opportunity to include their design team as an integral part of the project. Alternatively, you can engage an architect to help you if you have several functions that need to be met.

When selecting a manufacturer to work with you either during design development or afterwards, here are a number of criteria to help you determine which manufacturer is right for you:

Flexibility: The manufacturer should take into consideration all of your needs when creating the kiosk.

Experience: Look for solid product design and fabrication background, including references from similar projects.

Cost effectiveness: “Value” is not just the up-front cost, but includes projecting a specific corporate image, extending the kiosk life cycle or improving the productivity of the attendant. Make sure the manufacturer has put together the best “value” package for you to suit your needs and your budget.

Product Design & Identification: The product must meet your local design/code requirements, (i.e., snow load, wind load, appropriate electrical or plumbing inspections, proper anchoring methods, etc.). An identification plate bearing the serial/model number, kiosk design loads and

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