“All-in-one” Kiosk Design Solution

When a client presents us with a unique challenge, we reach in to our innovation tool box and find an equally unique solution.  Generally when installed, the security kiosk, the island it sits on as well as the security barrier arms and protective bollards are all independent of one another.  But in this case, the owner wanted the ability to pick up and relocate not only the security kiosk – but the entire security and access control island, so Canada Kiosk designed and built just such an assembly!

This Pak III “All-in-One” security check point kiosk features year round attendant comfort with a heating and cooling system, a built in ergonomically designed work station and transaction windows located to take the strain out of the daily routine.  To meet the client’s desire for aesthetics and image, a beautiful insulated architectural cladding system with spandrel panels wrap the building envelope. And when the need to relocate arises, the heavy duty hot dipped galvanized steel island with all the components, can be easily moved to its new location. The durable steel island has six threaded leveling points which allow for height flexibility when relocated. To provide the ultimate protection and visibility, four heavy duty steel bollards are located on each corner of the island and vinyl sleeves and reflective strips are part of the welded structural steel base. The ready-to-use security gates are pre-wired and are operated from the attendants work station.




Built off-site in our controlled plant environment and arriving ready to go, this All-in-One innovative design is the perfect solution for this unique design challenge. To see this complete project please visit http://ckckiosk.com/profile-security-kiosk.php To view our complete product line and contact one of our professionals please visit http://ckckiosk.com/index.php

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