Kiosk success on the Niagara Incline Railway

Incline Railways have been a fascinating part of Niagara Falls’ history. Also known as “funiculars”, eight have operated along the Niagara River over the past 230 years. Five were built on the Canadian side and three on the American side of the Niagara River. Only one remains in operation today - the Niagara Parks’ Falls Incline Railway.


Niagara Parks Commission turned to Canada Kiosk when funding was approved for the rehabilitation of the 47-year-old railway service, which travels about 55 metres up and down the escarpment between Portage Rd. and the Table Rock Welcome Centre. The new Falls Incline Railway has improved the link between the Niagara Parks attractions at Table Rock and the Fallsview Tourist Area, including hotels and the Fallsview Casino Resort. The Railway allows riders to easily reach the “Bridge of Flowers” pedestrian crossing over the Niagara Parkway into Table Rock. The enhancement features new rail cars which are fully accessible and enclosed so tourists can enjoy the now year-round attraction.  Canada Kiosk delivered and installed two custom designed booths to match the existing structure. This popular tourist attraction sees over 650,000 paid riders each year, and has been in operation since 1966.

The upgrade is part of the Parks Commission’s Table Rock Redevelopment Project and part of ongoing efforts to “enhance the overall visitor experience” within Niagara Parks. Canada Kiosk completed the new control booths in just 6 weeks, allowing this heavily visited tourist attraction to experience minimal downtime. To view this project and others, visit Canada Kiosk today.

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