Our Parking kiosks and shelters are designed to suit our client’s specific needs; from image to function and more.

Choose from a wide variety of features and finishes such as custom cladding, colours, stone, raised roofs, tinted glass, spandrel glass, commercial swing or slider doors, heat, A/C, many electrical components.

Additional design considerations include; accessibility, ergonomics, layout, ergonomics and matching aesthetics to an existing building.

Access Control Parking Lot Booths / Kiosks – surface or underground lots

  • Secure Entrance and Exit to Lots
  • Provide info and receive payment directly from vehicles
  • Controlled environment for attendant

Pay Equipment Shelters:

  • Simple attractive protection for pay machines.
  • Protects pay machines form weather exposure
  • Protects customer while transaction is being completed

On-site Parking Offices:

  • Provides a work space for parking staff with controlled environment
  • Includes secure pay partitions between attendant and client
  • Main hub for Customer service, Payments, information

Valet Parking Kiosks:

  • Drive up booths for convenient valet service
  • Controlled environment for valet staff and waiting clientele
  • Secure attendant office with work surface and key storage

At Canada Kiosk, our qualified staff can help you work through the steps to creating the best possible Parking Kiosk or Shelter solution.