Canada Kiosk will work with you to develop a retail kiosk or booth design to suit your precise requirements and desired aesthetics in accordance with your brand.

Countless options include deal trays, service counters, pay windows, roof-overhangs, weather protection, rolling security shutters, enhanced lighting and back-lit signage.

Design considerations include custom and matching aesthetics, function, layout and ergonomics.

Ticket and Information Kiosks

  • Event or transportation ticket sales and tourist information.
  • Communication and pay point systems Kiosks ( with one or multiple stations)

Retail Sales and Service:

  • Small store-like atmosphere with controlled environments
  • Gas station Kiosks with merchandise and mini-Convenience stores

Car Rental:

  • Car Rental Kiosks at Airports and transportation destinations

Gas Island Full Service:

  • Controlled environment for full service gas bar lanes
  • Pay point location for full service clients

At Canada Kiosk, our qualified staff can help you work through the steps to creating the best possible Retail Kiosk Solution.