Our security kiosks and inspection booths are custom designed to meet the security requirements of a property entrance and exit, border control or toll collection.

Choose from an array of features and finishes for appearance and function. Custom electrical options are available to integrate with site security systems.

Design considerations include; function, layout, ergonomics, durability in high security – high traffic areas and custom aesthetics.

Guarded Access Control Booths, Security Kiosks and Scale Houses

  • Secure Entrance and Exit to your facility
  • Manual gate control and security inspections
  • Weight scale control and related payment/transactions
  • Controlled environment for attendant
  • 360-degree visibility

Border Crossing Booths:

  • Controlled environment for Customs Inspection Officers
  • Allowing manual operation of security cameras and access control equipment
  • Single level Primary inspection Booths for public
  • Bi-level Primary inspection Booths for Public and Commercial traffic lanes
  • High level Primary inspection Booths for Commercial Vehicles
  • Secondary inspection attendant booths and customer waiting shelters

At Canada Kiosk, our qualified staff can help you work through the steps to creating the best possible Security Kiosk or inspection Booth.